Social services

About a third of Americans say they won’t be able to pay some of their bills this month.” PEW Research Center. We have received sponsorship from the Catholic Charities to fund our Utilities Assistance program, giving us the opportunity to help 50 families.

After School program

Fifty children avoid the summer slump (increase in missed meals and loss of school year learning) by being engaged physically, provided cultural and enrichment opportunities, receive breakfast, lunch and snacks,  and receive academic support.

Summer Camp

A 2018 study shows that in Florida, low-income families will spend 26% of their median summer income on summer programs–that means our families would have to pay $3,376.00 out of pocket.  We provide a high-quality summer camp for $300.00 per camper.

Food pantry

Per distribution, $8,500.00 worth of food items disbursed to approximately 100 families in need.